Council on Foreign Relations: President Obama and Sub-Saharan Africa

In his most recent article, Richard Joseph analyzes the Obama administration’s June 2012 policy paper on Africa and provides specific policy recommendations for the President’s second term. This article was written as a guest post for John Campbell’s ‘Africa in Transition’ blog on the Council of Foreign Relations’ website. It can be read below, or on the Council’s website here.
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Voice of America: The Obama Administration and sub-Saharan Africa

Having faced multiple global emergencies during its first term, has President Obama’s administration paid enough attention to sub-Saharan Africa? Is more action needed to counter-balance China’s growing economic influence, emphasize democratization and human rights, and support the continent’s own security efforts? Richard Joseph suggests that the Obama administration has, in fact, invested in the continent by introducing new initiatives and maintaining support for programs started by his predecessors. He contends their impact will only become clearer in the future. 
Richard Joseph was one of three experts interviewed by Voice of America to discuss these important topics. The article can be read below, or on the Voice’s website.
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