President Barack Obama and Africa’s Uncompleted Journey, Part I

A public meeting of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on February 28 will consider the question, “President Obama and Sub-Saharan Africa: Just Right or Not Enough?”  Several commentaries which demonstrate the increasing demand for enhancing American engagement with Africa are provided on the Council’s website.[i] 
Africa is an ineluctable part of Mr. Obama’s legacy and he brings to African affairs a unique understanding of its constraints. “With better governance,” he declared in Ghana in July 2009, “Africa holds the promise of a broader base of prosperity”. Millions of Africans today are constructing the pillars of that prosperity. How President Obama can engage the United States in deepening this process, in ways that are mutually beneficial, should summon forth ideas that are feasible and also consonant with his philosophy of government. In the first of a two-part essay, I will show how this debate relates to ideas for bolstering a liberal international order. In the second part, I will elaborate on specific policy priorities.[ii]

By: Richard Joseph

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