The Fight of Our Time: State, Governance and Development in Nigeria

By: Richard Joseph

The following introductory remarks come from a talk given by Prof. Richard Joseph in Scott Hall at Northwestern University on February 14, 2012. The accompanying PowerPoint can be downloaded here, and video of the presentation can be found here.

Thank you for coming today. This talk will be the first of a series of three I will give in the next two months. The title is taken from President Obama’s speech, as U.S. Senator, “An Honest Government, A Hopeful Future”, at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2006. My second talk in this series, entitled, “Can the Nigerian Project be Salvaged?” will be given at The Watson Institute of Brown University on March 13. The third talk, on “Democratic Transitions and Development in Africa: Beyond Prebendalist Systems”, will take place at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law on April 25.

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