AfricaPlus is a website devoted to the promotion of growth, democracy and security in Africa and the pursuit of progress in these areas in mutually reinforcing ways. As an Internet platform, it will seek to build an agora (gathering, assembly) in which information, ideas and documents are shared among individuals who are committed to these objectives.

Initiated by Dr. Richard Joseph, John Evans Professor of International History and Politics at Northwestern University, and a non-resident Senior Fellow in Global Economy and Development of The Brookings institution, AfricaPlus will first make available his current and past reflections on these core topics. In graduated steps, it will seek to become an interactive program in which online and in-person consultations will take place.

The first five thematic areas are Creating Democracy, Building Social Wealth, GATE (Governmental Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency), INVENT (Investing in Ethical Entrepreneurship), and State-Nation Configuration. The first focus country is Nigeria.